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Shower Head with Temperature-controlled Color Changing Lights SP

Shower Head with Temperature-controlled Color Changing Lights SP

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About this item:
1.Temperature control: The color changes with the temperature of the water, cold water, warm water, and hot water show different colors.

2.Pressurize, Save Water: Stainless steel water outlet plate, 0.22m water outlet, uniform water outlet, saving water and pressurizing.
3.Filter System: Multi-layer filter protection, remove excess impurities, making your skin healthier and smoother.
4.Special design: Built-in LED lights to achieve a dreamy effect, but also added some practical functions.
5.Removable Cleaning: Easy to install and easy disassemble to clean

Product parameter:

Material: Eco-friendly ABS, stainless steel

Modes: Temperature control three colors(green,blue,red)

Design:LED lights


1. Change color with the change of water temperature, cold, warm, and hot respectively show different colors. When the water temperature is lower than or equal to 31 degrees, it will be automatically displayed in green. It will be showed in blue when the water temperature at 32-43 degree.It will be displayed in red when the temperature run to 44-50 degrees.It will warning you when the water temperature over 51 degrees.

2. LED shower head is easy to be in stalled freely which is a portable and practical product. The power of the showed need not to extra battery or electrical to support.Its power totally support by water.

3. This LED shower head built in LED lights,so it can achieve a dreamy environment, what is more , you needn’t to turn on your light it also can display glorious color even at night.
4.These shower handhelds made of ABS with Super corrosion resistance and bridge does not faded.

5.It relies on water pressure to drive its own power generation, no power supply (battery) is required, safe and environmentally friendly, and its service life:> 6000h.

6.High-speed strong magnetic motor is used to ensure that the generator is normally driven under the condition of extremely low water pressure for the normal light of the 

bright LED

7.The inner core part is a fully enclosed advanced structure to ensure that it will not rust in contact with water for a long time, and ensure the high working efficiency and stable working state of the motor.

How to use:

1.Using temperature of 0-60℃water is the most beneficial to your health and cleaning it once a month. If the hole is clogged, use your finger to hold the hole during use to clean.

2.If the water pressure is very small in your home , it may affect the water pressure of product using.

Package include:

1*Shower Head



Please do not use water above 70 degrees Celsius to avoid burns yourself.

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