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BOMAKER Magic 421 Max Projector

BOMAKER Magic 421 Max Projector

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Restore True colors to the fullest extent

TV-level decoding SOC, contrast 10000: 1
300 ANSI, 5000 brightness
Light transmittance and brightness reach 95% uniformity
12-layer coating imported from Germany


DSP Certified Speakers

The first model with an outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Equipped with 10W cavity speaker

Custom spatial acoustic design

Taking into account the complete high, medium, and low frequency


2.4GHz VS 5.8GHz

2.4 GHz: Maximum connection speed: ~ 150 Mbps

5.8 GHz: Transmission speed: 150 Mbps - 433 Mbps

Compared to 2.4G, the speed increased by 3 times


2.4GHz + 5.8GHz Dual-band Wifi Channel

The independent network avoids interference and is dedicated to video and games

Dual-band wifi can effectively avoid model interference, and the transmission is more stable


One Key Control

Lighting with one BUTTON

Bluetooth audio with one BUTTON

One KEY on the same screen


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