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Four-piece Brushed Chemical fiber Home Textile Anti-fading Abrasion

Four-piece Brushed Chemical fiber Home Textile Anti-fading Abrasion

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We provide you with luxurious bed sheets at an affordable price! These carefully crafted chemical fiber materials bring you a long-lasting and durable feeling, allowing you to move on your own. Comfortable, environmentally friendly bedding kits are designed for institutional and family use. These sheets have a super soft feel and comfort. The various elastic materials used in the bed sheets make it easy to install on the mattress and at the same time provide a good finish to the bed. The smoothness of the sheets is very comfortable, cool in summer and warm in winte

With anti-fading, anti-fouling, abrasion resistance and anti-allergic properties, it can provide a clean and worry-free life. The fabric does not shrink, is strong and durable, and maintains brightness and shape. You can use ordinary washing machines and dryers that will not affect its washing and drying linen kits. Since the fabric is very thin, the drying speed is also very fast. They can also wash their hands.

Sheet kits are effective for people with allergies because they can repel dust mites and provide a cool, soft sleeping surface without allergens.

Material: Chemical fiber
Size: Flat sheet: 90*102 (228*259cm)
Fitted sheet: 60*80 (152*203cm)
Pillowcase: 20*30 (50*76cm*2)
Colors: Dark Gray ,Gray Blue,Gray
Weight: 2.9lb
Attribute: Bed Cover
Department:Adults, Children, Teens
Style:The same series of film and television series

Package Included:
1 flat sheet , 1 fitted sheet , 2 pillowcases

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